Most girls love putting on makeup, but there are those that are either too busy or not to skilled to put on a full face of makeup every day. Nevertheless, it is still important that you look presentable when going to work so here are a few tips for an everyday eye makeup look that will not take up too much of your time.


There are different brands available in the market today, however it is best to stick to reputable makeup brands so that you can be sure that they do not contain harmful ingredients and are safe to use. Whatever brand you choose to wear, it is important that you apply your younique makeup properly so that you do not look cheap and tacky.


Tip 1

Instead of using black eyeliner, go for brown eyeliner and make a line as close as you can to your upper lashes. This is a great way to define your lash line without appearing to harsh. Next, use a dark earthy tone on the crease of your eyelid; this will help make your eyes look bigger and livelier. You can now proceed to applying a paler brown color on your lid and blend all these in for a softer look.


Tip 2

If you work long hours or an in front of people all day (or night) long, you need to look awake and alert at all times. A great way to liven up your eyes is to use a light colored eye liner to tight line your lower water line. If you have a pale complexion, white eye liner will look best and if you have a darker skin tone, you should go for golden-beige colored eye pencils.


Tip 3

Another way to make your eyes pop and really achieve that tantalizing look is to use mascara. If you need more length, you could also use fiber mascara. Remember to curl your lashes first before applying so that the curves are locked in. For short 3d natural lashes, it is best to make use of thickening mascara products rather than lengthening ones so as not to weigh them down.


Tip 4


Do your brows. An eye makeup look without the brows is never complete. Start by plucking out stray strands of hair, if you really are in a hurry you can do this the night before. When doing your brows, it is best to start applying the product at the outer corner and going lightly as you reach the inner corner. Make sure to use short and light strokes to make it more natural. Remember to make use of a spooley brush to blend the harsh lines of a brown pencil for a more natural look. Lastly, highlight your brow bone using a light eye shadow color to really define your brows and you are good to go!


You will feel uneasy when people find you not so beautiful. But, you will be confident when you look attractive. Just remember that your perfect looks can never be made possible if you apply powder only. You also need to use eyelash extensions to bring definite beauty to your face. You will bring excitement should you appear so beautiful in front of many people. What you need to do is to get the right extensions in the market. However, there are many brands to choose. Be sure you get the fitting ones for your eyes.


Eyelash extensions are perfect materials that you can use to enhance the looks of your small-looking eyes. You will find them becoming fuller as the extensions provide an open appearance. Your eyelids will also look fresh because of the extensions. Hence, you can already do away with drooping eyelids. It is important and practical to know the advantages and drawbacks of the different brands of eyelash extensions. When it happens, it will be easier for you to pick the right one because aside from being fit, you also know that the one you choose can bring you several advantages. You need to replace your extensions every month since the natural mascara grow monthly.


You will find the extensions with glue. The glue acts as adhesive for the extensions to be put on the natural lashes. Be sure to clean your eyes before you extend the synthetic materials to avoid spoiling of the glue. When dirt or residue appears on the lashes, the glue will be spoiled. You should also never wash your face within four hours after the false eyelashes are installed because they will surely mess up in your face. If you think it is right to use younique presenter eyelash curlers, it is up to you but those materials oftentimes split the eyelashes.



Finding a certified lashtician is important because he can tell you which brand to be picked in the market. Besides, he will also teach you how to apply the extensions properly. If the extensions are wrongly applied, you will suffer the consequences. You will never love the result because you will find it difficult to remove the false eyelashes. If the lashtician applies them to your natural lashes correctly, you can easily remove them at the right time using toothpick. Do not force to remove them; otherwise, you will suffer from permanent loss of natural eyelashes.


If you want to enjoy beauty, you should apply cosmetics. However, you can never just dwell on the foundation powder you use. You also need to use eyelash extensions because those materials will enable you to achieve balance in your face. You will also like to enjoy getting good remarks from people around. Those people will tell straightly whether they like your looks or not. Besides, you are also handling a business. If you will be talking to the elite, you will surely love getting business agreements knowing the fact that you appear credible in their eyes.


If you have small-looking eyes, you need to get cosmetic surgery no longer. The eyelash extensions can already make a difference. You can achieve eyes that look fuller because of the open appearance. Having a drooping eyelid is not also good so if you want to make your eyelids appear fresh, you need eyelash extensions. You will find it difficult to look for the right eyelash extensions if you will go to the market without doing a research. Hence, you need to know the different brands and styles and know the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. Your younique 3d fiber lashes will certainly grow in a month or two so better buy eyelashes extensions every month.


As you check the materials, you will see the existence of glue in each of them. You need to clean your natural lashes first and be sure that no dirt or residue can spoil the glue; otherwise, it will no longer be effective the moment you attach the false eyelashes to the natural ones. You should not wash your face in at least 4 hours after you apply the synthetic lashes and younique products. You do not want them to mess up in your face.



Finding the right lashtician is also necessary because he is already an expert in the application of eyelash extensions. You should ask him if he is licensed on that matter because you do not want to gamble from any person who does not have any idea how to apply them properly. You can remove the extensions using a toothpick. If the removal is smooth, you will know that the lashtician has done his best. However, if you find it very difficult to remove, then, there must be something wrong about the placement. Do not force to remove the false lashes because it will make you suffer from permanent loss of your natural lashes.

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